Firstly, I got very happy visiting this place. People here are kind, their conduct of work is very good and they are humble. The best part is I have grown with the blessings of God and I am sure whoever invests in the project will also prosper like us. I am not boasting but putting forward my feelings. I have planned for more investments in future and with the blessings of God I will surely buy more in this project.

- Mr. & Mrs. Bhulani ( Parth City Udaipur)

 SNG customer service was great. Nothing hidden about property and I was fully detailed about this project. I recommend Parth City, Udaipur to people and believe it will be the next rising star of the city.

- Mrs. Jyoti Sinyal (Udaipur)

 I am very glad that SNG Group brought me this good value property in Parth City. I am confident that this property will be completed in high quality finishing and appreciate in value.

- Mr. Zoheb Khan (Bhilwara)

 Initially I was skeptical of setting up an industry here but after starting it, I must say I am overwhelmed by the services I am getting here. It gives everything required to run an industry smoothly.

- Mr. Yogesh Vaid (Jaipur)

 This scheme has given a true meaning to Regeneration. I am delighted to set up my first venture at Silver Soil.

- Mr. Prakash Jain (Jaipur)

 I am amazed to see the current development in such a short duration , I wonder what it would be like in future. The location is beautiful and I anticipate a good growth of infrastructure and returns.

- Mr. Nikhil (London)

 I am extremely happy with the fact that promises made by SNG group are actually delivered. I was told that I will get good returns for my investment in plots in Singhal SNG City and I must say the positives are visible in just a month. You have really earned my faith and trust. Thank you.

- Mrs. Pooja (Dubai)

 Very good service and no over commitment. We got what we were promised. I think, given the quality of construction and the amenities available. Everything is perfect! Good. Best of luck for your next project.

- Mr. Kishore Ahuja

 I would like to place on record our deep appreciation of the excellent quality of workmanship, accommodative and personalised dealings and co-operative assistance during the various stages of construction.

- Mr. Ravi Agarwal